Climate action plan

Our journey towards becoming carbon neutral by 2050 is well underway. In line with the Paris Climate Goals and the European Green Deal, ArcelorMittal has also committed to reduce CO2 emissions in our European operations by 35% by 2030.

As Europe’s largest steelmaker, ArcelorMittal has a significant role to play in enhancing the sustainability of our industry. Our decarbonisation strategy has three main levers: Circular steel, Innovative Direct Reduced Iron (DRI), and Smart Carbon steelmaking. There are projects underway for all three of these levers to ensure we achieve our goals on schedule.

In 2021, we launched XCarb®. This initiative groups together all of ArcelorMittal’s low‑carbon steelmaking activities, projects and products. Our industry-first XCarb® green steel certificates allow customers to reduce their Scope 3 emissions, and are the result of decarbonisation efforts in our blast furnace operations. XCarb® recycled and renewably produced is applied to steels produced in ArcelorMittal’s electric arc furnaces (EAFs) with 100% renewable electricity and up to 100% scrap content.

In 2022 we continued to work on our Innovative DRI projects. Significant progress was made despite some delays with funding. A key success during the year involved identifying a way to meet the energy needs of our DRIs and EAFs while minimising their CO2 footprint.

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As the world’s leading steel company, we have a huge responsibility to innovate, implement and successfully move towards a cleaner steel industry. Our journey to become carbon neutral by 2050 is well underway. We have joined the Paris Agreement climate targets and the European Green Deal by committing to reduce European CO2 emissions by 35% by 2030, with a further ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050.

At ArcelorMittal Europe – Tubular Products, our strategy to decrease carbon emissions and reach carbon neutrality leans on using;

  • recycled and renewably produced low-carbon hot-rolled coil,
  • renewable electricity and,
  • innovative projects in our operations.

This will allow us to be pioneers in offering our customers low-carbon and net-zero tubes in line with our Group’s carbon emissions reduction targets.