Hautmont and Chevillon

Founded in 1953 with production facilities in France's Hautmont and Chevillon, these sites have cemented themselves as leaders in the automotive sector. Specializing in Precision Welded ERW Tubes, Hautmont and Chevillon's commitment to precision, safety, and innovation has propelled them to the forefront of the industry.


hautmont chevillon


With a total area of 34,200 m2 (18,000 m2 covered), Vitry, founded in 1964, is a beacon of innovation in the automotive sector. From crash components to chassis parts, Vitry's products redefine automotive safety and design. As an ArcelorMittal Automotive Business Unit site, Vitry's commitment to excellence fuels the future of the automotive landscape.




Founded in 1972 in Lesaka, Spain, Zalain's journey led it to join ArcelorMittal in 2021. With an impressive area of 137,000 m2 (75,000 m2 covered), Zalain's specialization lies in ERW and CDW tubes. With a 95% focus on the automotive market, Zalain's products embody precision and reliability.