Our purpose for a more sustainable future

“Our purpose is to help our customers develop their business in a sustainable way, achieving their most ambitious decarbonisation targets”

Tanja Mantere, Chief Executive Officer, ArcelorMittal Europe – Tubular Products

The steel industry is responsible for 7 to 9% of carbon emissions in the world. Each tonne of steel produced emits on average 2.1 tonnes of CO2. Transforming and decarbonizing this industry is challenging but essential to tackle climate change.

The world we knew is now changing at an unprecedented pace. Our buildings and homes are being transformed to be more sustainable. The energy that we consume in our daily lives is increasingly generated by renewables sources. And our mobility is electrifying at galloping speed.

Steel tubes and pipes are at the heart of this transition towards decarbonization. With its unrivaled range of steel tubes solutions, ArcelorMittal Europe - Tubular Products stands at the side of its customers to take part in this transformation. Just a tube it’s not an option for us anymore.

Steel tubes are an ideal solution for various structural applications such as building frames and sprinklers, solar structures, windmills, scaffolding or machinery. The 100% recyclability of steel is an important advantage in environmental considerations and resource-efficient construction.


Transforming the supply chain

We've reimagined our supply chain across three critical areas: sourcing, production, and transport. In the sourcing of low-carbon materials, we've embraced ArcelorMittal's XCarb initiatives, sourcing recycled and renewable coils from Sestao, a critical step given the fact that about 95% of a steel tube's carbon footprint stems from the raw material. Steel coils made with XCarb® recycled and renewably produced emit four times less CO2 than traditional blast furnace-processes. In low-carbon production, our production Fabril is strategically located near Sestao in Northern Spain, reducing the negative impact of raw material transportation. Besides, we use 100% renewable electricity for producing low-carbon tubes, made of XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel. To ensure a more sustainable transport, we prioritize cleaner methods such as intermodal freight, which combines rail and shipping to truck deliveries for minimal environmental impact.