We cater to a wide range of markets across Europe, including most European countries within the EU-27, as well as the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway. While we cover various industries, we also undertake specific projects outside Europe in selective export countries. We are a key partner for distribution channels, but we are also present at the end-user side for specific products or projects. At ArcelorMittal Europe - Tubular Products, sustainability is at the core of our operations. As a fully integrated group, we prioritize the sustainability, reliability, and availability of our tubes. We are actively developing tubes under our XCarb® initiative, which focuses on decarbonization and massively reducing carbon emissions. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, please visit the dedicated section on our website.


At the core of our expertise lies the production of small-welded tubes. However, our offerings expand beyond this horizon. For those seeking diverse shapes, our selection includes square, rectangular, elliptical, and oval sections. 

Our portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum of small-welded tubes, embracing both precision and standard variants. Much like our innovative solutions for the building envelope, we inspire the construction industry to embark on novel and ingenious pathways. 

We envision structures that seamlessly blend beauty and functionality. As relentless pioneers, we continuously explore avenues to enhance our products' energy efficiency, material optimization, longevity, safety, and design flexibility.

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As a key partner for distribution channels, the industrial production sites have a long tradition of quality and excellence by setting industry standards for product quality, on-time deliveries, and customer service. Our welded tubes are manufactured to meet your specific application requirements and possible finishing operations.

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Flagship Projects

Explore transformative endeavors that highlight our commitment to innovation, precision, and industry leadership.

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