Our network of brands helps us to deliver a wide range of products and services to our customers all over the world.


The Hot Finished Tube solution.

TitanThermic® Small Welded Tube product. This product is the best in the Hollow Sections family, being manufactured with a Hot process that provides the superior quality and optimal safety needed for demanding applications.

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The JÄKL brand, which has become synonymous with steel profiles used in the construction and automotive industries, was born more than a century ago by a blacksmith in Rymarów. 

In 2018, the Jäkl Karviná factory started production based on his patent. Since then, these products have penetrated many areas. "You can find our profiles in the AZ Tower in Brno, the tallest building in the Czech Republic, or in Abu Dhabi in the construction of the Yas Marina Formula 1 racetrack.



High-quality precision tubes.

Since 1960, SRW® has been the ideal partner for sophisticated and high-quality tube products, resulting from our wealth of experience, the know-how of our employees and the modern manufacturing technologies.

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Le véritable tube francais fabriqué par ArcelorMittal.

Véritube® is the ArcelorMittal Europe - Tubular Products label for French tubes 100% made in France. Véritube tubes are produced at four sites in the Grand-Est region (Lexy, Fresnoy, Rettel and Vincey) at a rate of around 1,000 tonnes of steel tubes per month. ArcelorMittal Europe - Tubular Products aims to double this production by 2024.

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La première gamme de piquets métalliques bas carbone pour les vignes.

VitiFort® was created by combining the expertise of ArcelorMittal, the world leader in steel, and professionals in the trellising market who have been working for many years in French, European and international vineyards alongside distributors and recognised manufacturers.

The brand comprises two ranges: VitiFort® and VitiFort OptimumTM.

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Condesa Fabril®

Range of tubular structural sections for all your needs.

Condesa Fabril® range of Structural Tubes comprises cold-formed welded tubes without subsequent heat treatment. 

Using tubular steel sections provides solid, light, and cost-effective structures. They facilitate the creation of aesthetically attractive designs with multiple possible applications. 

Cold-rolled solutions, non-heat-treated structural tubing is manufactured based on the EN 10219.

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Perfil en Frío®

Tailor-made steel profiles.

Perfil en Frío® produces unique steel profiles, cold-formed, open or welded, possibly incorporating punching and other integrated in-line operations. Furthermore, we develop tailor-made figures for our customers in sectors such as construction, closures, transport, the automotive industry, logistics and warehousing, general industry and the agri-food sector.