In the automotive industry where innovation, safety, and performance converge, ArcelorMittal Europe - Tubular Products is driven by its unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards and continuous improvement. Our pursuit of excellence is not merely a choice, but an imperative to deliver precision, reliability, and excellence to our customers. At every step along our value chain, from steel to tubular components, we ensure the class-leading quality standards are met through our numerous controls:

  • Full traceability follow-up from coils to tube bundles
  • Continuous monitoring and recording of all production parameters through a digital datadbase
  • Check of tubes through destructive and non-destrcutive tests (micrographes, dimensional and visual aspect test, flattening test, cone expansion test, decarburization test, tensile test, sectorial (60º around the weld) online and 360º offline Eddy current test, ultrasonic test, etc)
  • Check of components (3D machines, microscopes for structure control, binoculars for weld control and, above all, specific control arrangements for each component).


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