• Energy: OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods), line pipes, hydrocarbon transportation, HPI (Hydrocarbon Processing Industry), refineries, petrochemical plants, nuclear plants, thermal power plants, renewable plants
  • Construction: structural steel: civil and industrial construction
  • Industry: machinery: hydraulic cylinders, gas cylinders

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Perfil en Frío

  • Construction: outdoors (formwork, scaffolding, enclosures...) and indoors (elevators, escalators, partitions and screens, fixtures for sanitary ware, furniture...)
  • Transportation: automotive auxiliary, bus and truck bodies, axles, trailers, railway, motorhomes...
  • Industrial: heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, cranes, forklifts, industrial shelving, containers, air conditioning systems, electrical cabinets...
  • Renewable energies: PV, CSP
  • Metalworking: conventional doors and windows, sectional, security and Rf doors, skylights, etc.
  • Agriculture: greenhouses, trellis posts, animal breeding...

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Altensteig (SRW)

  • Construction: scaffoldings, shelving
  • General industry: office furniture, radiators, padlocks, caddies, machinery, conveyor rollers, shopfitting
  • Transportation: tow bars, trailer axles

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  • Construction: scaffolding
  • Logistics: pallets, storage racks, material handling devices
  • Transportation: tow bars, automotive components
  • Agriculture: greenhouses, shelters
  • General industry: lancing pipes

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